The Tragedies And Disasters Which Ever Happened In Football History

Everybody loves this sport, especially men. Do you know what this sport is? It is football. The sport which has so many lovers around the world. Moreover, this kind of sport is considered as the most hyped sport in this world. That’s why, nobody doesn’t know what football is. On the other hand, football does have a thing which leaves blue things. If you haven’t known about this, there are some tragedies which used to happen in this world because this sport. In this case, the tragedies have taken some people from this world. To get you know about those things, we are going to give you the worst football tragedies which ever happened below. The Chapecoense Tragedy November 2016

  1. The Chapecoense Tragedy

This tragedy happened in Colombia. When a Brazilian football team – Chapecoense got an accident which got an attention from the football world. This disaster took 71 people including Chapecoense’s players, crew members, and journalists. Only five passengers who were reported survived from this terrible tragedy. Two of them are the players of Chapecoense, they are Jackson Follman (their goalkeeper) and Alan Ruschel (their defender). From this tragedy, we are reminded again that football also has a sad moment as well. Not only about happiness and passion. Precisely on November 28th, 2016, the day when this football team got a plane crash.

  1. The Hillsborough Disaster

Perhaps, this is a tragedy which will be remembered by football fans of England. Here, the Hillsborough Disaster is considered as the deadliest match in the European football history. This tragedy happened when Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest facing in Hilssborough Stadium. It was on April 15th, 1989. Both of the teams’ supporters was over and this led to the disaster. There was reported that nearly 3000 supporters tried to go in to the stadium. Yet, there was no space anymore for them. Because of this, supporters who were on the front were pushed, fell to the ground, and trampled. This tragedy killed dozens of supporters – 96 people. agen judi online

  1. The Bradford City Fire Tragedy

On May 11th, 1985, there was a tragedy which happened in England. It happened when Bradford City faced against Lincoln City. Here, as the home team, Bradford City football team was supposed to have celebrated their winning trophy in the third division of football league. This tragedy is believed that the fire rose when a lit cigarette was thrown by one of spectators. Here, it fell onto a pile of trash which had been accumulating under the wooden stand for around 20 years. In this tragedy, at least 56 people were reported died in this city fire tragedy.

  1. The Football Riots In Egypt The Football Riots In Egypt 2012

This riot happened on February 1st, 2012, when there was a football match between football clubs Al-Ahly and Al-Masry. At least 74 people have been killed and there are more than 500 people injured. This riot started when the supporters of Al-Masry stormed the stadium stands. Whereas, the match was won by the Al-Masry. Yet, without thinking, they attacked the supporters of Al-Ahly by using stones, bottles, fireworks, clubs, and knives as weapons. This riot was considered as the deadliest tragedy in the football history of egypt. From this riot, those who inciting the riot were sentenced to death and 21 years in jail.

  1. The Puerta 12 Tragedy

It happened when there was a big football match – River Plate and Boca Juniors. There were 71 supporters were reported killed in this tragedy. There is a claim why this tragedy could happen. It started when the supporters of Boca Juniors threw burning River Plate flags from the upper sides, and then a stampede was inevitable to happen. This led their own fans stormed the lower side. Here, this tragedy is considered as the worst incident in the history of Argentina football. The victims were mostly young adults and teenagers which have average age around 19. (Also read: 27 Football Facts You Should Know)

  1. The Heysel Stadium Disaster

When an international football match happens, there must be a meeting between two hooligans. Moreover, both of the football teams have big hooligans. It was in 1984, when Liverpool FC faced against Juventus FC. There was a clash between two supporters before the match started. Then, it went to the climax when dozens of supporters were pressed onto the wall. Because the wall couldn’t stand against out numbered people, it collapsed. At least, 39 people – which mostly Juventus’s supporters were killed in this tragedy. The game kept proceeding and the result was Juventus won over Liverpool. From this tragedy, all of english football teams were banned to join all of football competitions in Europe in a year. Besides, Liverpool got additional ban for 3 years more. The Ellis Park Stadium Disaster

  1. The Ellis Park Stadium Disaster

The tragedy happened when two football teams – Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, on April 11th, 2001. It was when around 30.000 supporters tried to get into the stadium even though it had already full. Whereas, the stadium could only cover 60.000. Because the number of supporters kept rising, a stampede occur. The situation getting worse when the untrained security guards fired tear gas over the supporters. This bad respon was also considered as the cause of some deaths. However, the police department denied the claim which was set over its institution. The final conclusion which was taken was, the major cause was from outnumbered supporters who forced to get into the stadium. At least, 43 people were reported dead in this disaster.

  1. The tragedy of Zambia National Football Team

This is an air tragedy which happened in 1993, April 27th. All of the passengers including the 18 football players were killed in this plane crash. It began when this national football team were heading to Senegal to follow a qualifier match for World Cup. The plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean – precisely in Gabon. The investigation led to the mistake which was done by the pilot. Here, he shut down the wrong engine after a fire. On the other hand, all of the national football players were considered as Heroes’ Acre. In 2014, there was a documentary film which created to memorize this tragedy.

The Best Midfielder in Soccer History

Here is the list of the best midfielder in the soccer history with impressive performance and reputation for creating wider opportunity to scare the defense and score the goals not only for the club but also national team.

Arjen Robben

The defense must be afraid of the skill and pace that became deadly combination owned by Arjen Robben. More importantly, he also has great achievement of end product because he has impressive record of goal scoring over the years. He had to break playing for two seasons from 2015 to 2017 due to the injuries but Bayern Munich extended the contract for 2017-2018 seasons so the fans have longer opportunity to witness one of the best midfielder in soccer history when playing the game.

Cesc Fabregas Cesc Fabregas Chelsea Chelsea midfield will not beat properly without Cesc Fabregas. He has great ability for passing and brilliant technique in soccer playing. He became child star of soccer player in Spain and he came to Arsenal’s Academy as teenager in 2003. His star was shining bright because he became part of the main team of Arsenal during 2004-2005 seasons. He got good reputation in Premier League but he moved to Spain in 2011. When he returned to Britain in 2014, he played for Chelsea that is the rival of Arsenal. He led the team to grab the title of League Cup and Premier League during his first year as part of Chelsea Football Club.

Luka Modric

It was sad that the recent years’ career of Luka Modric had been tainted by the injuries. However, people can make sure that he got great reputation as soccer player in the world. He had excellent performance during 2016 FIFA Club World Club. It became the reason why his contract with Real Madrid has been extended to 2020. He has playing style that is similar to Xavi but he could not score as many goals as he used to. He was not blamed for this because he shown tempo setting performance that made him became precious player in the world of soccer.

Eden Hazard

We can make sure that Eden Hazard name must be mentioned as one of the best wingers that can be found in the universe. His great performance cannot be separated from the soccer in the blood given by his father who was soccer star from Belgium. He became the nightmare for the defender because he has ability for dribbling at pace in the similar style to Lionel Messi. With his aggressive playing style, he was successful helping Chelsea to reach the title of League Cup and Premier League in 2014-2015. Not to forget, he also won the award of player of the year for multiple times.

Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta played important role for scoring when Spain national team won the game against Holland during the final of 2010 World Cup. There is no doubt that Iniesta became one midfielder that became the most loved player in Spain. He was Barcelona player but he even got different reception that is usually hostile when Barcelona visits Real Madrid. He had reputation as great dribbler that has ability for linking the midfield and the attack. His stellar play brought Spain to grab 2012 European Championship.

Paul Pogba Paul Pogba Manchester United

Center midfield became the chosen area for Paul Pogba. From this location, he could perform the defense and attack freely. He became player for Manchester United but he moved to Juventus in 2012. United had to pay $89 million transfer that became record at that time to bring Pogba back. With Juventus, he became the leader that brought the team to win four championships of Serie A. In 2014 World Cup, he played for France and created important score against Nigeria national team. It was the time when he was awarded as Best Young Player.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

There is no doubt that the list of the best midfielders in the soccer history cannot be made without including Bastian Schweinsteiger. The midfielder from Germany has experienced 15 years of international soccer career before finally retired in 2016. He moved to the US and he continued playing as midfielder for Chicago Fire. His achievement as part of national team was remarkable because his team won 2014 World Cup title. He also became part of the Germany national team for 2010 and 2006 World Cup. He also played for Germany in four European Championships. (Read: TOP Best Legendary Football Player)

Yaya Toure

When people saw the way Yaya Toure carried the ball through the midfield, it would remind them to the performance of Patrick Vieira or Roy Keane. During his time with Barcelona, his skill was undervalued but he became one key player for Manchester City. Toure became part of the national team of Ivory Coast for 2006, 2010, and 2014 World Cup. For several times, he was awarded as the African Footballer of the Year. He shown the fierce tackle and score more than je used to make as midfielder.

David Silva

David Silva found difficulty for following the Premier League with tough confines because he had subtle skill that was identical with midfielder from Spain. However, once he was transferred from Valencia to Manchester City during 2010, there is no doubt that he became one of the best players in the league. Silva also had important role for Manchester United winning the Football Cup and Premier League title. david silva manchester city

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal surely must be included in the top list of midfielder in the soccer history. He came from Chili and he got reputation as excellent midfielder for all round. People can see his great appearance for defending, passing the ball accurately, and also breaking into the area for scoring the goals which are important for the game. With Juventus, he was successful for winning four titles in Serie A Italy. He moved to Bayern Munich in 2015 and still shown great performance. He became part of Chilean national team for 2014 World Cup and became the captain for being champion in 2015 Copa America. Vidal was bargained by Inter Milan in July 2017 from Bayern with $57 million bid.

27 Football Facts That You Need To Know

Football is a sport which has so many fans on it. This sport doesn’t see age, from children to old men, everybody loves football. Besides, football is the one and only sports which can make the world become hyped. You may already know how the enthusiasm of people in this world when World Cup starts. On the other hand, there are some things that you have to know in this sport. What are they? They are football facts. Have you ever heard about some facts? If you haven’t heard about the football facts, we are going to give you some football facts which will improve your football knowledge. 27 Football Facts That You Need To Know

  1. Did you know that Football was first found in China around 476 B.C.? Here, the fact that football was found when a soldier played a skull in a war, has been removed by this fact.
  2. Football is the sport which has been mostly played and mostly watched in this world. As we said before, football is not limited from the age and gender. Everybody loves it.
  3. Football has become the most popular sport between other sports. There is more than one billion fans has been noted to watch World Cup Football on TV.
  4. There was a tournament which was followed by around 5 thousand teams. This happened Thailand, precisely in 1999, when the Football Association in that country held a national competition. It was reported that more than 35,000 football players had participated in that competition.
  5. The most goal which has been ever scored by a football player in a match is 16. It was Stephan Stanis who made a record. Here, the day when this fact happened was in 1942, December. He played for a club which called Racing Club de Lens.
  6. Based on the real visual evidence – which is video. The fastest goal which ever made was scored by a football player which is called Ricardo Olivera. The goal was scored in just 2.8 seconds. Ricardo Olivera Fastest Goal
  7. You may already know that every football player runs during the match. But, Did you know the average distance which they reach when running? It is around 9.65 km.
  8. Which one is first played, football or basketball? You may find the answer when we say that the first match of basketball used a ball – a football. agen sbobet terpercaya
  9. Football will become greater when there are two teams which facing each other. Here, you need to know that the first football team in this world was founded by two British Army offices in 1857. They are Nathaniel Cresswick and William Priest.
  10. World Cup is the highest tournament in this world. Here, there are so many countries which play in the World Cup. However, there is a thing that you need to know. What is it? European Teams almost reached every final, the years when they couldn’t reach the final is in 1930 and 1950.
  11. You may only know that the goals of a football match can only be around 10 goals or more. The point is, it can’t pass 20 goals. However, the fact says different, the most goal which has ever scored is 149. It is not the combination from both football teams, yet it is from one team. Here, the goals were scored by own goals. Here, a football team from Madagascar – Olympique de L’emyrne scored to their own goal as a form of a protest to the unfair decision.
  12. Ronaldinho, the living legend of Brazilian used to score 23 goals in a match. It was when he was 13 years old. From this match, he got a spotlight in football – especially in Brazil. Ronaldinho at age 13
  13. Injury is a thing which often happens in a football match. But, did you know that there is a player who injures himself? It was Celestine Babayaro, he injured his own legs while celebrating a goal which he scored in his debut. On the other hand, an injury also ever happened to the spectator. Here, Luigi Riva shot the ball and accidentally broke a spectator’s arm.
  14. Did you know when the first black people involved in football? It was in the 18th century. The player was Arthur Wharton.
  15. Perhaps, it sounds ordinary. But, the first person who says football is the beautiful game was Pele.
  16. Football or Soccer, which one you choose? Here, the word “soccer” is only used by Canadians and Americans.
  17. Actually, England used to use the word “soccer”. Here, it was around 19th century. It came from a shortened words of Association Football. Then it was changed to “Assoc Football”, before the word “soccer” came. English people love to shorten words, right?
  18. Back in the 60s, in Peru, there was a riot which killed around 300 people. Here, it happened because there was only a referee’s call. Exaggerating? It’s true tho.
  19. The nature might be wrath, who knows? Here, there was a catastrophe which happened during a match in Congo. The whole players got killed because lightning strikes.
  20. The first man who landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong, ever wanted to bring a football. Yet, NASA rejected his wish because it was considered as un-American. We don’t know why, yes, ohh.. why, NASA?
  21. Pakistan, this country may have no contribution in football. But, in fact, Pakistan produces 80% of footballs in this world.
  22. Sir Alex Fergie, everybody knows him, especially the fans of Manchester United. Here, he used to be fired from his job because swearing at a woman.
  23. The ball which is used in football, has never been changed on its shape and its size. It is 120 years on going.
  24. Did you know when football first broadcasted on TV? It was in 1937, it is a practice football match that shown Arsenal. football first broadcasted 1937
  25. What if there are so many red cards which are released by referee? It was in a match which met two clubs in Paraguay – General Caballero faced against Sportive Ameliano.
  26. Germany, the first european team which could get the World Cup trophy in America Continent. It was in 2014 World Cup.
  27. Cristiano Ronaldo, adopted a kid from Aceh, Indonesia after tsunami disaster in that city. Here, the boy wore the jersey of Portugal National Football Team – and the player name which on the back was CR7.

TOP Best Legendary Football Player

When we talk about good team, it all comes from football players that have high skill and talented. The coordination between the player and strategy that pay becomes the key for winning the match. The best ad good strategy is nothing when the strategy not rolled by high skilled player.

Best Striker Player

Striker is the attacker that wills lead to team winning. These top 3 best strikers in the world has lead their team into many title and trophy.

  • Lionel Messi (Argentina and Barcelona)

This is 4 times World Player of the year. Lionel Mesi is also the best top scorer. Mesi operated front in Barcelona and in 2013, he set for new world record by 73 goals in one season and 91 goals in a year.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (OSG and Sweden)

The controversial striker player, Ibra has lead the team, Barcelona to win and also several titles in Italy, Spain, France and Holland.  Ibra still missing Champions League, but it is nothing rather than the goal he has scored.

  • Neymar (Brazil and Barcelona)

Brazil stars player, neymar is scoring 4 goals when he join debut season in Catalonia. Neymaar is known for his revelation in World Cup 2014 with sublime technique. He has been compared with Pele for style he plays.

Best Goalkeeper Player

Goalkeeper is the meaning of success and fail in a team. He can be a hero as he is savior for the goal. As goalkeeper, they need accuracy to know when and where the ball will go before their goal post.

  • Gianlugi Buffon ( Italy & JUventus)Gianlugi Buffon Italy & JUventus

In 2006, Buffon led his team to win World Cup FIFA.  Buffon for decades has observed as best goalkeeper in the period along with Casilas.

  • Hugo LLoris( France & Totenham Hotspur)

He is known for super reflex.

  • David De Gea (Spain & Manchester United)
  • Iker Casillas (Spain and Porto)

The “Saint Ikeer” is known for Real Madrid hero. He is legend for youth goalkeeper player that play for this position start from youth.

  • Joe Hart ( England & Manchester City)

He is the superb goalkeeper shop stopper that identic with calm and authority. He has big contribution that makes Manchester City win title in 2012.

Best Defender All the time

There are many excellent defenders in much club football. Here are best top defender player that come and have high skill that lead his team to glory event.

  • Thiago Silva (Paris Saint Germain –Brazil)

Brazilian player is everything. There are many Brazilian players that have high skill and talented skill in football in many positions. For defender position, the player from Paris Saint Germain Thiago Silvaa is one of the best defender. He is former AC Milan center back player and 2011 becomes his starting point after his team won first Italian title.

  • Vincent Kompany (Belgium & Manchester City)

He is defender player that known with prospects in defending tactics in Anderlecht. He becomes defender player that known for his strong, quick, a dominant in air. He help his team won 2 Premier League Title, a league Cup and FA cup.

  • Sergio Ramos (Spain and Real Madrid)

Ramoos has becomes Real Madrid defender from 2005 and he record as youth players when he joined the team. Ramos has known for his excellent pace and the reliable tackle skills.

  • Gerard Pique (Spain & Barcelona)

He is the key player when Barcelona wins World Cup in South Africa. He is the best defender that known for his strong strength in air and tackle. Gerard is also adept for his team attack launching.

  • John Terry (Chelsea)John Terry Chelsea England Premier League

As former England international player, John becomes the best defender players. Even his career has down for recent years, but as defender players, he has along with Chelsea glory and win many trophy in his season.

The best Midfielders in football

The midfield in football becomes the important role.  They are player that cover the field, whether they are breaking the attack ahead or just defense the area or setting up the goal offense. The midfielder player is the heart from the team playing strategy.  Here are best midfielder players that best known ever.

  • Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniestaa is the one of most loved player in Spain as he becomes the scorer from Spain winning goal in 2010 World cup against Holland. He is the best dribbler player who has superb linking in attack and midfield.

Team: Spain, Barcelona

  • Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is known as one of the best winger’s player in world in all of time. He has football blood from his father, a Belgium football player stars. He is nightmare for defender and able to dribble the ball in same style such as Lionel Messi. He plays with aggressive style that leads his team, Chelsea winning the game and get trophy of Premier League and League Cup inn 2014/2015.

Team: Belgium, Chelsea

  • Luka Modric

Luke starts his famous and recognize for his skill when he appear in World Cup in 2016. His best performance in this event makes Real Madrid extend his contract until 2020. Resemble style of Xavi, he not gain too much goal as he should do. However, he has been contributing much for the tempo-setting performances from the football team play.

Team: Croatia, Real Madrid.

  • Cesc Fabregas

He is the heart of Chelsea midfield.  He has known for his skill of passing and stellar technique. Fabregas join into Arsenal squad in 2003 and becomes main team in 2004/2005 season. He left in 2011 and go to Spain. In 2014, he returns to Britain and join to Arsenal rival, Chelsea.

Team: Spain, Chelsea

  • Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben has high skilled pace and skill of frightened defenses. He also knew for impressing goal records.

Team: Bayern Munich, Holland