27 Football Facts That You Need To Know

Football is a sport which has so many fans on it. This sport doesn’t see age, from children to old men, everybody loves football. Besides, football is the one and only sports which can make the world become hyped. You may already know how the enthusiasm of people in this world when World Cup starts. On the other hand, there are some things that you have to know in this sport. What are they? They are football facts. Have you ever heard about some facts? If you haven’t heard about the football facts, we are going to give you some football facts which will improve your football knowledge. 27 Football Facts That You Need To Know

  1. Did you know that Football was first found in China around 476 B.C.? Here, the fact that football was found when a soldier played a skull in a war, has been removed by this fact.
  2. Football is the sport which has been mostly played and mostly watched in this world. As we said before, football is not limited from the age and gender. Everybody loves it.
  3. Football has become the most popular sport between other sports. There is more than one billion fans has been noted to watch World Cup Football on TV.
  4. There was a tournament which was followed by around 5 thousand teams. This happened Thailand, precisely in 1999, when the Football Association in that country held a national competition. It was reported that more than 35,000 football players had participated in that competition.
  5. The most goal which has been ever scored by a football player in a match is 16. It was Stephan Stanis who made a record. Here, the day when this fact happened was in 1942, December. He played for a club which called Racing Club de Lens.
  6. Based on the real visual evidence – which is video. The fastest goal which ever made was scored by a football player which is called Ricardo Olivera. The goal was scored in just 2.8 seconds. Ricardo Olivera Fastest Goal
  7. You may already know that every football player runs during the match. But, Did you know the average distance which they reach when running? It is around 9.65 km.
  8. Which one is first played, football or basketball? You may find the answer when we say that the first match of basketball used a ball – a football. agen sbobet terpercaya
  9. Football will become greater when there are two teams which facing each other. Here, you need to know that the first football team in this world was founded by two British Army offices in 1857. They are Nathaniel Cresswick and William Priest.
  10. World Cup is the highest tournament in this world. Here, there are so many countries which play in the World Cup. However, there is a thing that you need to know. What is it? European Teams almost reached every final, the years when they couldn’t reach the final is in 1930 and 1950.
  11. You may only know that the goals of a football match can only be around 10 goals or more. The point is, it can’t pass 20 goals. However, the fact says different, the most goal which has ever scored is 149. It is not the combination from both football teams, yet it is from one team. Here, the goals were scored by own goals. Here, a football team from Madagascar – Olympique de L’emyrne scored to their own goal as a form of a protest to the unfair decision.
  12. Ronaldinho, the living legend of Brazilian used to score 23 goals in a match. It was when he was 13 years old. From this match, he got a spotlight in football – especially in Brazil. Ronaldinho at age 13
  13. Injury is a thing which often happens in a football match. But, did you know that there is a player who injures himself? It was Celestine Babayaro, he injured his own legs while celebrating a goal which he scored in his debut. On the other hand, an injury also ever happened to the spectator. Here, Luigi Riva shot the ball and accidentally broke a spectator’s arm.
  14. Did you know when the first black people involved in football? It was in the 18th century. The player was Arthur Wharton.
  15. Perhaps, it sounds ordinary. But, the first person who says football is the beautiful game was Pele.
  16. Football or Soccer, which one you choose? Here, the word “soccer” is only used by Canadians and Americans.
  17. Actually, England used to use the word “soccer”. Here, it was around 19th century. It came from a shortened words of Association Football. Then it was changed to “Assoc Football”, before the word “soccer” came. English people love to shorten words, right?
  18. Back in the 60s, in Peru, there was a riot which killed around 300 people. Here, it happened because there was only a referee’s call. Exaggerating? It’s true tho.
  19. The nature might be wrath, who knows? Here, there was a catastrophe which happened during a match in Congo. The whole players got killed because lightning strikes.
  20. The first man who landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong, ever wanted to bring a football. Yet, NASA rejected his wish because it was considered as un-American. We don’t know why, yes, ohh.. why, NASA?
  21. Pakistan, this country may have no contribution in football. But, in fact, Pakistan produces 80% of footballs in this world.
  22. Sir Alex Fergie, everybody knows him, especially the fans of Manchester United. Here, he used to be fired from his job because swearing at a woman.
  23. The ball which is used in football, has never been changed on its shape and its size. It is 120 years on going.
  24. Did you know when football first broadcasted on TV? It was in 1937, it is a practice football match that shown Arsenal. football first broadcasted 1937
  25. What if there are so many red cards which are released by referee? It was in a match which met two clubs in Paraguay – General Caballero faced against Sportive Ameliano.
  26. Germany, the first european team which could get the World Cup trophy in America Continent. It was in 2014 World Cup.
  27. Cristiano Ronaldo, adopted a kid from Aceh, Indonesia after tsunami disaster in that city. Here, the boy wore the jersey of Portugal National Football Team – and the player name which on the back was CR7.

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