The Best Midfielder in Soccer History

Here is the list of the best midfielder in the soccer history with impressive performance and reputation for creating wider opportunity to scare the defense and score the goals not only for the club but also national team.

Arjen Robben

The defense must be afraid of the skill and pace that became deadly combination owned by Arjen Robben. More importantly, he also has great achievement of end product because he has impressive record of goal scoring over the years. He had to break playing for two seasons from 2015 to 2017 due to the injuries but Bayern Munich extended the contract for 2017-2018 seasons so the fans have longer opportunity to witness one of the best midfielder in soccer history when playing the game.

Cesc Fabregas Cesc Fabregas Chelsea Chelsea midfield will not beat properly without Cesc Fabregas. He has great ability for passing and brilliant technique in soccer playing. He became child star of soccer player in Spain and he came to Arsenal’s Academy as teenager in 2003. His star was shining bright because he became part of the main team of Arsenal during 2004-2005 seasons. He got good reputation in Premier League but he moved to Spain in 2011. When he returned to Britain in 2014, he played for Chelsea that is the rival of Arsenal. He led the team to grab the title of League Cup and Premier League during his first year as part of Chelsea Football Club.

Luka Modric

It was sad that the recent years’ career of Luka Modric had been tainted by the injuries. However, people can make sure that he got great reputation as soccer player in the world. He had excellent performance during 2016 FIFA Club World Club. It became the reason why his contract with Real Madrid has been extended to 2020. He has playing style that is similar to Xavi but he could not score as many goals as he used to. He was not blamed for this because he shown tempo setting performance that made him became precious player in the world of soccer.

Eden Hazard

We can make sure that Eden Hazard name must be mentioned as one of the best wingers that can be found in the universe. His great performance cannot be separated from the soccer in the blood given by his father who was soccer star from Belgium. He became the nightmare for the defender because he has ability for dribbling at pace in the similar style to Lionel Messi. With his aggressive playing style, he was successful helping Chelsea to reach the title of League Cup and Premier League in 2014-2015. Not to forget, he also won the award of player of the year for multiple times.

Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta played important role for scoring when Spain national team won the game against Holland during the final of 2010 World Cup. There is no doubt that Iniesta became one midfielder that became the most loved player in Spain. He was Barcelona player but he even got different reception that is usually hostile when Barcelona visits Real Madrid. He had reputation as great dribbler that has ability for linking the midfield and the attack. His stellar play brought Spain to grab 2012 European Championship.

Paul Pogba Paul Pogba Manchester United

Center midfield became the chosen area for Paul Pogba. From this location, he could perform the defense and attack freely. He became player for Manchester United but he moved to Juventus in 2012. United had to pay $89 million transfer that became record at that time to bring Pogba back. With Juventus, he became the leader that brought the team to win four championships of Serie A. In 2014 World Cup, he played for France and created important score against Nigeria national team. It was the time when he was awarded as Best Young Player.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

There is no doubt that the list of the best midfielders in the soccer history cannot be made without including Bastian Schweinsteiger. The midfielder from Germany has experienced 15 years of international soccer career before finally retired in 2016. He moved to the US and he continued playing as midfielder for Chicago Fire. His achievement as part of national team was remarkable because his team won 2014 World Cup title. He also became part of the Germany national team for 2010 and 2006 World Cup. He also played for Germany in four European Championships. (Read: TOP Best Legendary Football Player)

Yaya Toure

When people saw the way Yaya Toure carried the ball through the midfield, it would remind them to the performance of Patrick Vieira or Roy Keane. During his time with Barcelona, his skill was undervalued but he became one key player for Manchester City. Toure became part of the national team of Ivory Coast for 2006, 2010, and 2014 World Cup. For several times, he was awarded as the African Footballer of the Year. He shown the fierce tackle and score more than je used to make as midfielder.

David Silva

David Silva found difficulty for following the Premier League with tough confines because he had subtle skill that was identical with midfielder from Spain. However, once he was transferred from Valencia to Manchester City during 2010, there is no doubt that he became one of the best players in the league. Silva also had important role for Manchester United winning the Football Cup and Premier League title. david silva manchester city

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal surely must be included in the top list of midfielder in the soccer history. He came from Chili and he got reputation as excellent midfielder for all round. People can see his great appearance for defending, passing the ball accurately, and also breaking into the area for scoring the goals which are important for the game. With Juventus, he was successful for winning four titles in Serie A Italy. He moved to Bayern Munich in 2015 and still shown great performance. He became part of Chilean national team for 2014 World Cup and became the captain for being champion in 2015 Copa America. Vidal was bargained by Inter Milan in July 2017 from Bayern with $57 million bid.

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