The Tragedies And Disasters Which Ever Happened In Football History

Everybody loves this sport, especially men. Do you know what this sport is? It is football. The sport which has so many lovers around the world. Moreover, this kind of sport is considered as the most hyped sport in this world. That’s why, nobody doesn’t know what football is. On the other hand, football does have a thing which leaves blue things. If you haven’t known about this, there are some tragedies which used to happen in this world because this sport. In this case, the tragedies have taken some people from this world. To get you know about those things, we are going to give you the worst football tragedies which ever happened below. The Chapecoense Tragedy November 2016

  1. The Chapecoense Tragedy

This tragedy happened in Colombia. When a Brazilian football team – Chapecoense got an accident which got an attention from the football world. This disaster took 71 people including Chapecoense’s players, crew members, and journalists. Only five passengers who were reported survived from this terrible tragedy. Two of them are the players of Chapecoense, they are Jackson Follman (their goalkeeper) and Alan Ruschel (their defender). From this tragedy, we are reminded again that football also has a sad moment as well. Not only about happiness and passion. Precisely on November 28th, 2016, the day when this football team got a plane crash.

  1. The Hillsborough Disaster

Perhaps, this is a tragedy which will be remembered by football fans of England. Here, the Hillsborough Disaster is considered as the deadliest match in the European football history. This tragedy happened when Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest facing in Hilssborough Stadium. It was on April 15th, 1989. Both of the teams’ supporters was over and this led to the disaster. There was reported that nearly 3000 supporters tried to go in to the stadium. Yet, there was no space anymore for them. Because of this, supporters who were on the front were pushed, fell to the ground, and trampled. This tragedy killed dozens of supporters – 96 people. agen judi online

  1. The Bradford City Fire Tragedy

On May 11th, 1985, there was a tragedy which happened in England. It happened when Bradford City faced against Lincoln City. Here, as the home team, Bradford City football team was supposed to have celebrated their winning trophy in the third division of football league. This tragedy is believed that the fire rose when a lit cigarette was thrown by one of spectators. Here, it fell onto a pile of trash which had been accumulating under the wooden stand for around 20 years. In this tragedy, at least 56 people were reported died in this city fire tragedy.

  1. The Football Riots In Egypt The Football Riots In Egypt 2012

This riot happened on February 1st, 2012, when there was a football match between football clubs Al-Ahly and Al-Masry. At least 74 people have been killed and there are more than 500 people injured. This riot started when the supporters of Al-Masry stormed the stadium stands. Whereas, the match was won by the Al-Masry. Yet, without thinking, they attacked the supporters of Al-Ahly by using stones, bottles, fireworks, clubs, and knives as weapons. This riot was considered as the deadliest tragedy in the football history of egypt. From this riot, those who inciting the riot were sentenced to death and 21 years in jail.

  1. The Puerta 12 Tragedy

It happened when there was a big football match – River Plate and Boca Juniors. There were 71 supporters were reported killed in this tragedy. There is a claim why this tragedy could happen. It started when the supporters of Boca Juniors threw burning River Plate flags from the upper sides, and then a stampede was inevitable to happen. This led their own fans stormed the lower side. Here, this tragedy is considered as the worst incident in the history of Argentina football. The victims were mostly young adults and teenagers which have average age around 19. (Also read: 27 Football Facts You Should Know)

  1. The Heysel Stadium Disaster

When an international football match happens, there must be a meeting between two hooligans. Moreover, both of the football teams have big hooligans. It was in 1984, when Liverpool FC faced against Juventus FC. There was a clash between two supporters before the match started. Then, it went to the climax when dozens of supporters were pressed onto the wall. Because the wall couldn’t stand against out numbered people, it collapsed. At least, 39 people – which mostly Juventus’s supporters were killed in this tragedy. The game kept proceeding and the result was Juventus won over Liverpool. From this tragedy, all of english football teams were banned to join all of football competitions in Europe in a year. Besides, Liverpool got additional ban for 3 years more. The Ellis Park Stadium Disaster

  1. The Ellis Park Stadium Disaster

The tragedy happened when two football teams – Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, on April 11th, 2001. It was when around 30.000 supporters tried to get into the stadium even though it had already full. Whereas, the stadium could only cover 60.000. Because the number of supporters kept rising, a stampede occur. The situation getting worse when the untrained security guards fired tear gas over the supporters. This bad respon was also considered as the cause of some deaths. However, the police department denied the claim which was set over its institution. The final conclusion which was taken was, the major cause was from outnumbered supporters who forced to get into the stadium. At least, 43 people were reported dead in this disaster.

  1. The tragedy of Zambia National Football Team

This is an air tragedy which happened in 1993, April 27th. All of the passengers including the 18 football players were killed in this plane crash. It began when this national football team were heading to Senegal to follow a qualifier match for World Cup. The plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean – precisely in Gabon. The investigation led to the mistake which was done by the pilot. Here, he shut down the wrong engine after a fire. On the other hand, all of the national football players were considered as Heroes’ Acre. In 2014, there was a documentary film which created to memorize this tragedy.

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