TOP Best Legendary Football Player

When we talk about good team, it all comes from football players that have high skill and talented. The coordination between the player and strategy that pay becomes the key for winning the match. The best ad good strategy is nothing when the strategy not rolled by high skilled player.

Best Striker Player

Striker is the attacker that wills lead to team winning. These top 3 best strikers in the world has lead their team into many title and trophy.

  • Lionel Messi (Argentina and Barcelona)

This is 4 times World Player of the year. Lionel Mesi is also the best top scorer. Mesi operated front in Barcelona and in 2013, he set for new world record by 73 goals in one season and 91 goals in a year.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (OSG and Sweden)

The controversial striker player, Ibra has lead the team, Barcelona to win and also several titles in Italy, Spain, France and Holland.  Ibra still missing Champions League, but it is nothing rather than the goal he has scored.

  • Neymar (Brazil and Barcelona)

Brazil stars player, neymar is scoring 4 goals when he join debut season in Catalonia. Neymaar is known for his revelation in World Cup 2014 with sublime technique. He has been compared with Pele for style he plays.

Best Goalkeeper Player

Goalkeeper is the meaning of success and fail in a team. He can be a hero as he is savior for the goal. As goalkeeper, they need accuracy to know when and where the ball will go before their goal post.

  • Gianlugi Buffon ( Italy & JUventus)Gianlugi Buffon Italy & JUventus

In 2006, Buffon led his team to win World Cup FIFA.  Buffon for decades has observed as best goalkeeper in the period along with Casilas.

  • Hugo LLoris( France & Totenham Hotspur)

He is known for super reflex.

  • David De Gea (Spain & Manchester United)
  • Iker Casillas (Spain and Porto)

The “Saint Ikeer” is known for Real Madrid hero. He is legend for youth goalkeeper player that play for this position start from youth.

  • Joe Hart ( England & Manchester City)

He is the superb goalkeeper shop stopper that identic with calm and authority. He has big contribution that makes Manchester City win title in 2012.

Best Defender All the time

There are many excellent defenders in much club football. Here are best top defender player that come and have high skill that lead his team to glory event.

  • Thiago Silva (Paris Saint Germain –Brazil)

Brazilian player is everything. There are many Brazilian players that have high skill and talented skill in football in many positions. For defender position, the player from Paris Saint Germain Thiago Silvaa is one of the best defender. He is former AC Milan center back player and 2011 becomes his starting point after his team won first Italian title.

  • Vincent Kompany (Belgium & Manchester City)

He is defender player that known with prospects in defending tactics in Anderlecht. He becomes defender player that known for his strong, quick, a dominant in air. He help his team won 2 Premier League Title, a league Cup and FA cup.

  • Sergio Ramos (Spain and Real Madrid)

Ramoos has becomes Real Madrid defender from 2005 and he record as youth players when he joined the team. Ramos has known for his excellent pace and the reliable tackle skills.

  • Gerard Pique (Spain & Barcelona)

He is the key player when Barcelona wins World Cup in South Africa. He is the best defender that known for his strong strength in air and tackle. Gerard is also adept for his team attack launching.

  • John Terry (Chelsea)John Terry Chelsea England Premier League

As former England international player, John becomes the best defender players. Even his career has down for recent years, but as defender players, he has along with Chelsea glory and win many trophy in his season.

The best Midfielders in football

The midfield in football becomes the important role.  They are player that cover the field, whether they are breaking the attack ahead or just defense the area or setting up the goal offense. The midfielder player is the heart from the team playing strategy.  Here are best midfielder players that best known ever.

  • Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniestaa is the one of most loved player in Spain as he becomes the scorer from Spain winning goal in 2010 World cup against Holland. He is the best dribbler player who has superb linking in attack and midfield.

Team: Spain, Barcelona

  • Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is known as one of the best winger’s player in world in all of time. He has football blood from his father, a Belgium football player stars. He is nightmare for defender and able to dribble the ball in same style such as Lionel Messi. He plays with aggressive style that leads his team, Chelsea winning the game and get trophy of Premier League and League Cup inn 2014/2015.

Team: Belgium, Chelsea

  • Luka Modric

Luke starts his famous and recognize for his skill when he appear in World Cup in 2016. His best performance in this event makes Real Madrid extend his contract until 2020. Resemble style of Xavi, he not gain too much goal as he should do. However, he has been contributing much for the tempo-setting performances from the football team play.

Team: Croatia, Real Madrid.

  • Cesc Fabregas

He is the heart of Chelsea midfield.  He has known for his skill of passing and stellar technique. Fabregas join into Arsenal squad in 2003 and becomes main team in 2004/2005 season. He left in 2011 and go to Spain. In 2014, he returns to Britain and join to Arsenal rival, Chelsea.

Team: Spain, Chelsea

  • Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben has high skilled pace and skill of frightened defenses. He also knew for impressing goal records.

Team: Bayern Munich, Holland

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